130 Takalvan St, Bundaberg, Qld
Phone: 07 4151 3532

Touch Football

Welcome to the web page of the touch football club at Brothers Sports Club.


President:Andrew McCracken
Vice President:Shane Cavanough
Secretary:Greg Messenger
Treasurer:Kath Foley
Registrar:Prue Brinkley
Draw Co-Ordinator:Prue Brinkley
Referees Co-Ordinator:Brett Renz
Media Liaison:Deyarn Williams
Grounds:Geoff Hicks
Life Member:Geoff Kirkman

Contact Details

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Draw 16/09/2019

1 Pass Out v No BSMark Zaal
2 Winter Soldiers v PittbullsMike Hochen
3 ACE v McDonald MurphyMike Jeffs
4 Marineland v Grass StainsBrendan Pimm
6 Stormers v Aussie BundabergPrue Brinkley
7 Misfits v Outlaws ‘Friendly’Rob Hooper
1 McColms v Bad CompanyBrett Renz
2 Proton Pills v ZonksMike Hochen
3 Goannas v Bundy OutdoorsMike Jeffs
4 Pitch Perfect v Furniture CourtRick McMaster
6 Bandits v Touch SensitivePrue Brinkley
7 Greg Whalley Dental v Endangered SpeciesGreg Messenger
1 Balanced Bookkeeping & Tax v UntouchablesBrett Renz
2 LLE Tatts Rats v McHughMike Hochen
3 Rumruckers v Jagos GypsysMike Jeffs
4 Faster Floors v Wingin ItJess McCracken

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