Brothers Social Touch Football            

Brothers Social Touch

Semi Final Draw


1 Printcipal Designs v BP Oilers (P Brinkley)

2 Rumruckers v Jagos Gypsys (B Renz)

3 BDB v The Boyz (M Hochen)

4 Woolies Mob v Proton Pills (A Gordon)

5 v ()

6 RWM v all nuts (J Gordon)

7 Misfits v Nvus (M Zaal)

8 Winter Soldiers v X-ray Vision (M Jeffs)



1 Bad Company v McColms (P Brinkley)

2 McHugh Steel v Ace (G Messenger)

3 Kempys Team v Carpet Court Zonks (M Hochen)

4 The Wanderers v Bens Team (A Gordon)

5 v ()

6 Yippiee Try Yey v Spar Express (J Gordon)

7 Thundercats v Panthers (B Gaze)

8 Energy Rich Tatts Rats v Vanderfield (J McCracken)



1 Balanced Book Keeping & Tax v Greg Whalley Dental (M Zaal)

2 Nuts & Jugs v Better with Beer (T Gaze)

3 Betta Boys v Green Machine (B Renz)



Bye Faster Floors.  Congratulations Faster Floors, Winter Soldiers, X-Ray Vision, Energy Rich Tatts Rats and Vanderfield. You have progressed straight through to the Grand Final for you respective Divisions. The games that you are playing are friendly games.


We would like to take this opportunity to remind all players this a social competition for those just wanting to have a run on Monday nights for fitness and socialising there is no major trophy or money and I doubt anyone other than the grand final winners can tell you who won last season. But over the last couple of seasons there has been an increase in the number physical altercations. Please be aware this type of behaviour is not excepted and the committee is considering ways to eradicate it from our competition. If you have a player in your team that may be taking it to seriously let them know they are ruining the game for everyone on the field not just themselves.  All team fees must be paid by the end of play on Monday night. If your team has not paid all their team fees you will be on a financial bye until such time you have paid. There will be no exceptions or extensions to this we can’t be chasing fees for the whole season like we have been in the past. Over the next few weeks you may play against a team you have already played this season, this is due to several factors but will be the correct draw so please be aware it isn’t a misprint.


Scorecards are to be filled out with full names. There is to be no Initials or nicknames on the cards failure to do so will result in a forfeit. 

If for any reason it rains after the 6pm start assume that the following games will be called off.
If it rains during the day and has stopped and cleared please follow above procedure to check field conditions. Assume if there has been considerable amount of rain in the prior days that the fields will be too wet to play, therefore no games. Emails will be sent by 4pm advising the committees decision. Players Safety will always be a priority.
Please do not ring Brothers before 5.30pm.



Game Times
Games played at 6, 7 and 8 pm Monday Nights at the back of the Brothers Club
In Takalvan St. New players and teams contact President for information.
Draw details in News mail sports section and on Brothers Sports Club website every Friday.
Open, Over 30mens and Mixed Games -13 to 75 Male and Female players wanted.


Brothers Social Touch Football News letter Player Conduct

2 players who started fighting in a recent game have been given lengthy suspensions, we do not tolerate violence in our sport, especially in a Social competition. 

If player gets sent off by the Referee then they will get an automatic 2 game suspension, the offence will be discussed by the committee and, if warranted a longer suspension will be issued. If the player plays in multiple teams then he or she cannot play for any team for the length of the suspension.

It’s a social competition , we are not playing for sheep stations, if you are the type of person that has to win at all cost, or hates losing, and your willing to do anything to win,  you might want to consider playing elsewhere.


Sports club membership

Everyone playing in our competition must be a sports member of the Main club,  this is for insurance reasons, it is not expensive and takes about 5 minutes to complete.

The cost is about $3 a year, $5 for 3yrs


 End of season Presentation night

Date 23/06/17

It will be a great night with great food, entertainment and a few beers. Also this year there will be some new prizes:

$500 cash prize will be given to the player who’s name is drawn out of the hat, who is present at the night and is a full sports member of the club

$250 Club voucher to the team (minimum of 6 players), that are both present at the night and all are full sports members of the club.


Player Awards

This season we will be introducing some new awards for the players:

Most Tries for  Open Men                                    Most tries for O’35s Men

Most tries for Men in the mixed  A and B         Most Tries for Women in mixed A and B

Most Tries for Men in Mixed C and D               Most Tries for Women in Mixed C and D

So make sure that your correct full name is on the team card.


Andrew McCracken (President BSTF)


2016 Committee Contacts






Andrew McCracken

0410 446 821

Vice President

Shane Cavanough

0407 447 093


Greg Messenger

0416 340 469


Kath Foley

0409 537 770


Janine Gordon

0418 750 012

Referee Advisor to Committe


Eddie Witworth

0400 447 804