Max King Bar. Does a few drinks while enjoying the horse racing sound like your type of get together? Then the Max King Bar is perfect for you. Hot nibbles can also be arranged for your event





It's no wonder so many people love to have a punt on the horsies at our TAB..

Brothers TAB, directly across from the renowned "Max King Bar", has just been fitted out with all new modern decor'...And although comfort is one thing...Everyone comes for the screens!!

Yes! Brothers TAB is fitted with an incredible 17 screens and 3 large screen TV's!!...That's 20 screens dedicated to following your filly or dish licker around the track.

And remember, if your pick doesn't get home when you hoped it would...there's always "Lucky Loser". Each Saturday afternoon between 3 and 6, we do a draw on the half hour that could tranform your losing ticket into something to be proud of.

So come on in, we'll serve you up a drink...But you'll have to get the hot tips from your mates...In our TAB.