Nobody plays Bingo as much as we play Bingo...   

Everyday of the week we lay out the cards, load up the numbers, hand out the cash and yell......."BINGO!!"

From "Around the world" to "Four Corners" - "Viking Cone" to the "Pyramid" - we play the games you want to play and hand out the money you want to win!

But hold on - this is no $1 - $2 operation!! Our Jackpot game offers the chance to win a whopping $2,000!!

Let's say that again - TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS!!

Half time, tea, coffee and yummy slices are offered to all our Bingo players, free of charge....yes free of charge!

So join the fun of "BINGO!" at Brothers Sports Club...  

It's eyes down at 10am - 7 days a week.